Connecting & Healing with Horses

If you would have told me two years back that I would hug – literally, heart-to-heart – a once wild horse… I would have called B.S. on you!  But it happened and on my birthday, to boot.

They are breathtaking. They are intuitive and sense the energy of the people invited into their space. At the beginning of our time together, we’re taught that the horses always have a leader and that they will come to connect with you if they feel compelled to. So, our little Bridge family spread out into separate areas and either waited or approached these mighty mustangs.

Just show up and step into the possibility!

A birthday kiss from me to this beauty!

I wasn’t nervous at all. I was confident because I was intentionally exuding pure love. During my time at Windhorse, I bonded with – even kissed – three of the horses. Amazing considering – as Windhorse says, these horses are gentled, never broken. So, they are wild at heart.

I didn’t know that herds always have a leader. Take the leader away and the horse is searching for guidance. That’s where we had an opportunity to step into that role. For this part, despite the pain surging through my upper legs and arms, I volunteered first. Trust and confidence are key. You need to let the horse know it’s safe with you – and mean it – and then, show it what to do. It was a beautiful dance that I’ll forever treasure.

As importantly, I learned that the me that has broken into a million uncertain, afraid, unworthy-feeling pieces over the past two years in particular – is still capable and confident and trustworthy and gentle and worthy of love and partnership from this once wild horse.

In opening up about my health journey, sharing my emotions and showing my vulnerability… I unintentionly created spaces at home and work of uncertainty. I mean, how secure can you feel with a leader who is crumbling? These horses sensed – perhaps, from somewhere deep within me – that they were safe with me and they responded in kind.

This rekindled a spark of confidence in me. It reminded me that when I show up authentically and confidently – without letting the noise of my inner turmoil and outside voices that shame me clutter my heart and mind – I am strong and loving. As I honored myself and these powerful creatures, they in turn treated me with kindness and respect.

By mid-day, my body crumpled in pain and spasms and cramping… but like the spirit of the American wild horse, my soul soared and I found a bit of that ol’ fight is still within me.

What I was doing before, no longer works. There’s an easier way and it is only through discovering who I am now that I will find it.

Published by Naomi Binkley

A mama, wife, Coloradan, storyteller, entrepreneur with a once-hidden illness - now a progressive and painful disability - ready to share my story after a career of telling those of others as a video production company owner.

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