Hospitalized With A Tummy Bug

After I returned home from the Mayo Clinic BeST Clinic, things didn’t proceed as hoped in managing the newest diagnosis, Functional Neurological Disorder (FND).

As my loving husband, greatest champion and caregiver said, “It took seven years to reach this verdict. It took one week to smash it.”

Tom McDonald

I headed off on a much-loved video project for one of our Fireside Production clients. Usually on these trips, I dig in and spend every moment working so that when I head home, I can focus on my family. This time was different because I was staying in Pagosa Springs, Colorado.

I treated myself to dinner out – even though it meant walking up many stairs to get into the restaurant and then, headed to the hot springs by myself for a good soak. It wasn’t easy but it felt like a major victory. A tiny piece of the ol’ Naomi – adventurous and fun – was back! I remember FaceTiming Tom and the girls to share in my bliss.

The next day, our video shoot was more physical than I expected – but was just type of video storytelling that fills my cup! We were headed to our second location – hours away – for another shoot day, when I started quite suddenly to feel sick. Very, very sick.

We rushed to the emergency room in Gunnison. I had severe abdominal pain. I was throwing up and my muscles were spasming violently. I would remain in that ER (not even admitted into the actual hospital) for five nightmarish days – with a stomach virus that for most, would require a day – if any intervention at all.

Five days in the emergency room. Five more recovering at home. Those were some dark days as we realized my health was continuing to deteriorate. I was so vulnerable to illness.

Now, I’m like a shattered soul – too humiliated to share yet another set-back in my medical journey.

Published by Naomi Binkley

A mama, wife, Coloradan, storyteller, entrepreneur with a once-hidden illness - now a progressive and painful disability - ready to share my story after a career of telling those of others as a video production company owner.

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